Mova Globe afgeleverd. Bericht van Xump.

Niet geheel onverwacht maar toch met enig geluk zal ik maar denken is het kleinood gearriveerd. De Mova Globe. Morgen wellicht een uitgebreidere beschrijving van de ervaringen met het object, ik kreeg zojuist wat email die moest worden beantwoord en die ik u niet wil onthouden.

Dear Sir,

We just received your message today about receiving the wrong order and unfortunately it was confirmed that the wrong order was sent to you. I am most sorry about this error.  We will be sending out a replacement shipment to you immediately with the correct item, it should go out tomorrow.  Please feel free to keep the items you received (or give them away as gifts, etc.)—we will not be charging you for those items.  I will email you once I get an alternate tracking number for you.  Please let me know if you have any further questions I can help you with in the meantime.  And again, we are very, very sorry for this mistake.

Thank you,

Ana Sanchez

Customer Service Representative

Innovation Frontier Inc./

Hello Ana,
I also received the correct item in the meantime so YOU DON”T HAVE TO SHIP AGAIN THE CORRECT ORDER. (I emailed this surprisingly fact later).
My friends will be very happy with the other items. And my Mova Globe is perfect!

Dear Sir,

I’m glad you still received your correct order, my apologies again for your receiving the wrong order. I hope you continue to enjoy your MOVA globe and that your friends do enjoy the other products.

Thank you,

Ana Sanchez

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